(M3) Module 3: Linear Block Codes

This module consists of 7 lessons where basic concepts of block codes are introduced. We restrict our attention to a subclass of the class of all block codes, the linear block codes. Since in most present digital computers and digital data communication systems, information is coded in binary digits “0” or “1,” we discuss only the linear block codes with symbols from the binary field GF(2). The theory developed for the binary codes can be generalized to codes with symbols from a nonbinary field in a straightforward manner.

Lesson 3: Minimum Distance of a Block Code

Lesson 4: Error-Detecting and Error-Correcting Capabilities of a Block Code

Lesson 5: Standard Array and Syndrome Decoding

Lesson 6: Probability of an Undetected Error for Linear Codes over a BSC

Lesson 7: Hamming Codes