(M3L1) Lesson 1: Introduction to Linear Block Codes

In this lesson, linear block codes are defined and described in terms of generator and paritycheck matrices, the parity-check equations for systematic code are derived, and encoding of linear block codes is discussed.


Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to:

- Define the linear block code.

- Define the generator matrix.

- Define the systematic linear block code.

- Define the parity-check matrix.

- Know how to implement the systematic linear block code.

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The device that transforms the received sequence r into a binary sequence û which is called the estimated sequence is:

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The channel is the medium for the waveform to transfer and corrupted by noise.

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The device that transforms the estimated sequence û into an estimate of the source output and delivers this estimate to destination is:

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By proper encoding of the information, errors induced by a noisy channel or storage medium can not be reduced to any desired level without sacrificing the rate of information transmission or storage.

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The Channel Encoder transforms the information sequence u into a discrete encoded sequence v called a code word.

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